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I don’t want to be the #1 Realtor in the Fort Wayne Real Estate market!  You are probably asking yourself, “Did I read that right?  Was that a typo?”.  Trust me, you read it correctly.  It is true.  I don’t strive to be the Fort Wayne Realtor who brags about listing 100+ homes each year (to probably sell 30 or 40 of them).  That’s not my business plan.  My business plan is to sell each and every home that I list, and to sell a home to each and every buyer that I work with.

The way I look at things, a person can’t be everything to everyone.  If I had too many listing at one time(more than 20 at one time would be too many in my mind), I couldn’t offer each of my clients the same great service that they deserve, and have come to expect from me.  I, also, could not work with 20 buyers at the same time and be able to offer each of them the same great service, or even enough availability to service their best interests.

Don’t be mistaken on one thing:  Not wanting to be the #1 Realtor in the Fort Wayne Real Estate Market does not mean that I am not competitive or aggressive.  As a former HS wrestler and HS wresting coach, being aggressive and competitive is right up my alley!  I will aggressively market your home to see that it gets the most listing exposure that it possibly can.  My competitiveness will come out in negotiations on the sale of your home, or in negotiations over the purchase of your new home.  No Fort Wayne Realtor fights harder for his clients than I do!

If you are looking for a mega-team of agents to work with, then I am not your Fort Wayne Realtor.  But if you are looking for an experienced Fort Wayne Realtor, who will put your needs first, and be there for you when you need assistance, then you’ve come to the right place!

I invite you to give me a call, or send me an email, so that we can discuss your current Fort Wayne Real Estate needs.  It will be a no pressure conversation.  We might even determine at the end of that conversation that it’s not a good time for you to buy or sell, and if that is the case, then that is just fine.  It won’t mean that I still won’t be there for you when you have questions between now and when the time is right for you.  While I am not looking to be the #1 Realtor in the Fort Wayne Real Estate market, I am looking to be #1 with my clients!


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